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Rrun.show is the biggest quest that will be broadcast continuously for 7 days. The goal is to cope with the riddles and find the right places. At the finish line 50 million rubles are waiting for the winner.

Participants will be selected using a unique system of selection and voting, based on the logic and principles of blockchain technology. Some will become runners, while others will become hunters.

These are modern hunger games, where everyone is on his own and battles for prizes. The place of action is all of Russia, and the staging points are cities and towns.

7 days. 7 cities. 7 control points. Seven large-scale tests.

Spectators can influence the outcome of a large-scale race - without their help it will be difficult for participants to reach the goal. And, of course, viewers will not be left without rewards, regularly winning prizes in raffles.

You learn to walk from birth, but running with RRUN.ONLINE is a different story. Here the boundaries of the virtual world and our world are erased. Here people are divided into three types: runner, hunter and spectator - the choice is yours!

Each participant is an integral part of the show, where the grand prize of $1,000,000. We are the first Hunger Games in Russia, and we open our doors to everyone who wants to test not only luck, but also the will to win.

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